50 Unique Fundraising Ideas How to Start an Easy Fundraiser

Get a set price for breakfast items and charge for people to attend the event. School fundraising is crucial for supporting the education of students at all grade levels. Fulham Seido Karate Club ran this unique fundraiser which challenged kids to do 1,000 kicks and punches in one sitting. All very fun, and a unique way to raise funds for your school. Thornbury High School ran a fundraiser to Save their Koorie Program teacher whose role was being threatened by funding cuts.
To create a sense of urgency in the community, set a ticket quantity limit and a purchasing deadline. Donorbox also automatically sends the payment receipt and the digital copy of the ticket to your purchasers. All event ticketing data will be stored in the database for you to have access and utilize for hosting the event or further communications. If you have talented musicians at your school, a battle of the bands is a great way to allow them to show off their talents by hosting a fun outdoor concert. A battle of the bands is a contest, where two bands compete for the title of best band.
The best school fundraising ideas are events that the entire community gets excited about. The most profitable are usually the simplest like raffles or selling discount cards. Raffle baskets are unique fundraising ideas for schools because they offer a variety of items to suit different tastes. Parents, teachers and local businesses can donate items or services to include in themed baskets (for example, a movie night, gourmet food, a spa day, etc.). Sell raffle tickets to the community to give everyone a chance to win a special collection of prizes. A karaoke event is another one of those middle school fundraising idea s that students will love.
To take your standard contribution letters to a new level, give chain fundraising letters a go. Reach out to a local university or college and see if you can organize a doggie date event or a rent-a-pup extravaganza. Make sure you’re fully aware of all the campus rules before proceeding with organizing this fundraiser.
Whether you’re hosting your school fundraiser in the summer or fall, a summer fun raffle basket it ideal for families with children. Staycation baskets have moved from the ‘Popular’ list to the Must Have list for a few reasons. First, everyone needs a staycation, making these raffle baskets a hit at school fundraisers, nonprofit events, and really any fundraiser. Membership baskets are great for school fundraisers or those geared towards attendees with small children. They are generally easy to bundle, as nonprofits often have a variety of membership items to choose from.
Choose some fun challenges to add to the regular field day activities. Sack races, obstacle courses, and egg-balancing challenges are some classic options. A classic school and PTO fundraising staple, game nights are a cheap and easy way to raise some money and entertain your supporters.
They will give a portion of their proceeds to your school and get community exposure. Car wash fundraisers have proven to be excellent in raising funds for your local charity, including schools. This is also a fantastic way to get the community involved while students have fun washing cars. The school’s parking lot can be used to set up the car wash. A discount card fundraiser is something that can get the entire community involved. Students will sell discount cards in their neighborhood, and the donors will get coupons or special offers from local businesses, such as restaurants.